What do you know about order edit module?

What do you know about order edit module?

A lot of shop owners find it really annoying when there have multiple orders need to be printed but they have to manually go to each order to print. It is really wasting time. There is also a problem if you want to add/update products to undelivered orders because Prestashop default system doesn’t support this function. Besides, you’re not enabled to export invoices into a CSV file. How can we solve that matters? Luckily, we have found a great module which can be satisfied all those questions – this is Prestashop Order Edit module. Thanks to this tool, you can save a lot of valuable time and effort. Just imagine that you have to print 100 invoices. Normally, you need to go to each order and press print button 100 times but this module requires only 1 click to complete this printing task.

The first key advantage of this module is time-saving. Multiple e-commerce stores have tried and given positive feedbacks. They can save more than 70% working time by using this module. As a matter of fact, they are able to spend that precious free-time to take care of other matters in their life. Moreover, they also let us know about the module’s pros and cons in their own view. These feedbacks are precious and help us upgrade the module to best serve all of the customers.

The second advantage when using Prestashop Order Edit module is about managing orders. Administrators are enabled to add new products or discount to orders, delete products in current orders, duplicate orders, or export orders to one CSV file.

Module Features

As mentioned above, users can save a lot of time and manage their orders easily by using Prestashop Order Edit module. Module features have been listed as below:

  • Create multiple invoices: From the list of orders, you are able to select a list of orders and create invoices for those orders.
  • Print multiple orders:This module allows admin to filter orders based on options such as payment method, after that you can print orders for those ones from filter result.
  • Change the order status: This is simple with Prestashop Order Edit module becauseyou just need to click on the order status to change it without reloading page.
  • Export CSV file: You can export all orders to one CSV file with just one click. Moreover, you also can update column data for those CSV files.

In the reality, a lot of order data are required to be updated before delivering to the customer such as change shipping information, add/delete products and discounts, and so on. These updates can be done easily with Prestashop Order Edit module.

Prestashop Edit Order

  • Add/update/delete products of the order: You are able to change product quantity, product price, and other related product information.
  • Change shipping method to be suitable for customer’s requirement.
  • Edit payment information: You can update total cost as well as the payment method for an order.
  • Duplicate existed orders.

In general, you can add any customer’s information such as email, address, product providers, product code, etc. into the order by using Prestashop Order Edit. A documentation for using this module will be included when you download it. If you have any questions while using this module, please do not hesitate to contact the module’s author via email, skype, etc. to get quick support. We hope that Prestashop Order Edit module will improve your working process and help your business gain more and more orders. Good luck!