Lion dance – Why is it performed?

Lion dance – Why is it performed?

You are fresh in Singapore and you have discovered how amazing the place is. When you went outside for some snacks, you have seen actors dancing Kung Fu-like actions into the beat of the drums. However, what grabs your attention is that the lion mascot these actors bring up with all the steps. You are amazed at what you have seen and afterwards knew that this sort of dance brings in luck and fortune to the crowd, including you of course.

Some Countries whose heritage is revealed by lion dances talk of miracles. This sort of dance greets watchers while dancers prance into the beat of the drums. You will find exceptional things about the operation and this includes how females show skill and dexterity in handling complex steps while holding the mascot in the hands. For some, this could only be an amusement but for men and women that believe in what this mascot beholds, powerful luck is waiting in store for them. What is more, Lion Dance Singapore makes the event more rewarding, thus, making people see the terrific luck they are going to bump in.

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It is all about the Story

A Lion dance is done with individuals. These are not mere dancers since these people are holding exceptionality in their abilities and abilities. In addition, when performing, they do not only do it to amuse audiences but also to provide luck and fortune. Incredible legends and myths are also exhibited by their own performances, in which, during New Year, the Chinese watch this terrific lion dance to reestablish relationships and to welcome new businesses or houses.

Color Meanings and Symbolic Costumes

In The lion dance, colors are in diverse types. Each one of the colors provides different meaning also. The gold or the multicolored lion speaks of the oldest and the wisest. In terms of the black lion, this is the most adorable one that presents strength and aggression. For the red lion, this implies luck which symbolizes joy and prosperity. Also with all the costumes, different meanings are settled with that. Costumes symbolize various shapes that all have their own stories to tell.

Lion Dancers and Their Dedication

Lion dancers are wholly devoted to their work. This is how they perform their tasks. However hard new moves are, they always do everything to learn them. Though they may not find a perfect execution instantly since they are completely devoted to practicing their abilities and abilities making them reach for perfection at the ideal time. Also, these are those who believe in themselves.

Final Thoughts

Many consider what the lion provides. With The mascot, even if it is not used, it is illegal to ride at its rear or play it as it reveals rudeness. When picking female Lion dancers, it is important to know their finest qualities first. Do not just observe their dancing abilities but their characteristics also.