Why You Should Wear Pheromones

Why You Should Wear Pheromones

In this article, I talk about the power of pheromone colognes. For most people, smell brings out emotions more strongly than any other sense. A pleasant smell will bring out pleasant emotions in a woman you approach. It may also anchor itself to her memories, so make sure you have a good interaction to remember. The way you smell will have a greater impact on her in terms of attraction than the way you look or what you sound like.

Why Choose Pheromones?

The right pheromones will naturally increase a girl’s attraction to you if the pheromone fragrance is manufactured correctly. Not all pheromone colognes are created equally and there are dozens of manufacturers that make different blends with different amounts of pheromones in them.  I happen to have a bottle of Pherazone cologne right here in my hands. I want to show you how powerful this one-ounce spray bottle is. Let me show you exactly how to apply pheromones to attract women.

My Pheromones Review

I purchased my pheromones from Pherazone and was highly impressed with their formula. It does not contain alcohol and the lend is superior to other pheromone colognes that I tested. Her is a really big tip. Avoid buying a sprayable fragrance. The best ones come in dropper so you can add a little to your hand.

Applying Pheromone Colognes

You can apply it whenever you want and after 10 – 15 minutes it will go away. What I normally recommended is that if you get super anxious wearing Pherazone to take a break and apply the pheromones low in small amounts. See how you feel and over time you can increase your dose and work your way up. It can take up to 3 months before you can wear them the way you want with the desired effects. Learn more at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/

Simply dab a small amount on your finger behind your ear or your neck. With a good pheromone product that will not be needed. Now that you applied the pheromone fragrance you might know it but you’re going to have a major advantage over most other guys that you compete with. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com

Increase Attraction

Pheromones are detected by women at a subconscious level. It’s usually the stronger pheromones that attracted them and we have seen studies by universities where girls linger towards men using Pherazone. This is why you need to choose the right fragrance. Expensive fragrances are usually not better and may have too much alcohol. They will give you an unbeatable advantage and you need some socializing skills to be a man women want to be around. Visit Pherazone if you want to get the most powerful formula with the best customer reviews.