How to pick the correct Outlook project management add-in?

How to pick the correct Outlook project management add-in?

Choosing the correct software solution for your company can be an overwhelming task. With so many software solutions it is tough to choose which one will best meet your requirements. It is important to review your organization’s needs in addition to the software functionality when creating your selection. Many make the mistake of selecting a system without careful evaluation of the company project management structure and governance. It is far superior to assess your desired current procedure and then pick the software with the capability to closely match that then it is to attempt and force your corporation to a governance structure that is not congruent with how your organization operates. Failing to consider your company structure, culture and working project management governance to the equation will probably lead to problematic implementation and inadequate adoption of the machine and usually at a significant price.

Outlook project management

Instead develop a matrix of the aspects which are of most importance to your organization. List those factors and put on the amount of significance for each. Listed below are a few factors to take into account:

Corporate Process

  • Project Management Approach.
  • Corporate Fit. You will have to specify the parameters for this one according to your specific firm. By way of instance, is the machine methodical, flexible, rigorous, quickly, systematic, etc.
  • Multiple Signals offs. Can certain users be flagged as having Sign Off capability and does the system path the applicable document so. Do you want to time stamp off the sign.

System Solution

  • Infrastructure Considerations. Do you want an internet solution or to self host on your own systems.
  • Integration.
  • Ease of Use. How savvy are your customers. Picking a more intuitive and intuitive system helps with adaptability by your customers.
  • Multiple User Profiles. Ability to create customized profiles for different types of users

Project Portfolio Management

  • Interdependencies.
  • Assignment of resources.
  • Dashboard
  • Portfolio Budget Planning
  • Prioritization. Willing to rank importance of projects and employ across portfolio.

Project Governance

  • Gating Process Management/Workflow procedure.
  • Project Scheduling. Functionality to create project schedules with job, durations, start and finish dates, dependencies, resource assignments, etc. Click here to check the Ability to import or export to MS Project might be a requirement you would like to have.
  • Issue Tracking.
  • Budget Planning and Tracking.
  • Risk Management. Functionality manage and to identify risk.

Team Collaboration

  • Posts.
  • Polls.
  • Status Updates. Users have the ability to go in and update progress.
  • Calendar. I.e. Ability to integrate with MS Outlook
  • Email Alerts.